Experiencing Mis 5th Edition

Adaptive modules for instructors, real-world courses for pupils.

Assist your students to see why MIS is the main class in the business school with Experiencing MIS. This modular text shows students how businesses work with–and desire–information strategies to achieve their own objectives, goals, and competitive approach.

Teaching and Learning Expertise

  • This application will offer a better teaching and learning expertise–for both you and your pupils. Here is how:
  • Modular Approach features flexibility for instructors in covering the content that they desire.
  • Concentrate on significant topics of integrity, safety, and other timely subjects via text Guides, designed to help pupils enhance their abilities as potential business professionals.
  • Link classroom knowledge into ordinary life with descriptive examples and several exercises and other interactive capabilities.
  • Keep content current to keep your students current with the latest occasions.

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