Earth and Sky Designs -  a full line of hand painted needlepoint canvases.
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Welcome to Earth and Sky Designs. We offer a full line of hand painted needlepoint canvas. Our designs feature florals, holidays, southwest, American Indian, whimsical and oriental. Our designs are hand painted on top of the line canvas and high quality acrylics.

All of our designs are designed by Carolyn McClain. Carolyn has an extensive background in color and fiber. She had a successful silk painting apparel business for eight years and is a nationally known quilter. One of her quilts is in the collection of writer Stephen King. Hilton Hotel gift shops and high-end boutiques purchased many of Carolynís silk painting designs.

Carolyn enjoys designing for needlepoint because of her love of color and the use of the myriad of fantastic threads available. Carolynís stitch guides are a delight of fiber and decorative stitches!! Out with only tent stitch and wool fiber and in with silk, rayons and overdyes and all the wonderful stitches.

Earth and Sky Designs also incorporates embellishments into their canvases including charms, seed beads, turquoise, metal and hand torched lampwork beads. This makes the canvases offered by Earth and Sky unique and eye catching. The Goddess series is a wonderful example of using a hand torched lampwork bead to accent each piece.

Earth and Sky Designs sells wholesale to needleart retailers. If you are not wholesale but find a canvas you canít live without, please contact us and we will direct you to one of our needlework stores.

Please enter our gallery, enjoy your tour and Happy Stitching!!!!

Delivery of painted canvases is usually four weeks.
All canvases are painted with high quality acrylic on Ziewgert mono canvas.